Success Stories

Our Current Success Stories of Satisfied Clients

These success stories serve as an example of how “Reader’s Convenience” enabled prospective clients to realize their aspirations of producing and publishing their own books. The website was instrumental in helping these clients reach their objectives and gain reputation in the literary community with its extensive resources, expert advice, and self-publishing options.

Swiss Ball Yoga

S. Rose (Author)

Rose struggled to locate the ideal platform to help her through the publication process. Despite having a lifetime desire of authoring a gripping Yoga book, she had no vision how to start. S. Rose came into “Reader’s Convenience,” which offered a wide range of services and tools geared towards aspiring writers like herself. The website connected her with a network of beta readers and critique partners, provided writing advice, helped with editing, and more. S.Rose was able to finish her work, navigate the publishing process, and eventually publish her debut Yoga book with the help of “Reader’s Convenience,” which received favorable reviews and attracted more engaging readers.

The Organ Syndicate - Successful Memoir!

Manswell T Peterson (Author)

Manswell had a special tale to tell, one that drew on his own experience being a victim of organ syndicate. However, he lacked the self-assurance and expertise needed to successfully write his story and raise his voice. Manswell came to “Reader’s Convenience” for help because he was determined to share his story with the entire world. The website gave him access to expert editors who helped him polish his writing so that his voice came through clearly while keeping the authenticity of his experience intact. Furthermore, “Reader’s Convenience” included marketing advice, which helped Manswell successfully market his book. The book won praise from critics, won readers’ hearts, and attracted a lot of media attention.

Miracle Lady - Inspiration For The World!

Carolyn Dowd (Author)

Carolyn Dowd had a desire to write a book on timings of God and faith in miracles. She encountered several challenges, nevertheless, in trying to convince publishers to take an interest in her manuscript. Carolyn found “Reader’s Convenience” when looking for a platform that could assist her in achieving her publishing objectives. The website featured self-publishing services in addition to useful resources on writing and publishing. By using the website’s services to format her book, create a captivating cover, and distribute her book across several online platforms, Carolyn made the decision to take charge of her publishing path. Carolyn’s book became well-liked by young adult readers because of “Reader’s Convenience,” and she was successful as a self-published author.

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