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Have you ever wondered how everything has become electronic today? We are in the world of eBanking, eCommerce, eCigarettes, e Gift Cards, eTickets, and so on.
What’s the deal?
Let me tell you… Currently, everyone wants to avail almost everything from anywhere on any digital or electronic device. No doubt, it has made everything much easier for us… For example, reading a book is easier in form of an eBook on laptops, smartphones, or any electronic or digital device…
Astonished? Its normal…
But, to know more deeply about an eBook is what we are here for… To clear your confusion, let me tell you all about eBooks.

What is an eBook?

An eBook is a book form that is created in a digital format to display on a screen such as smartphone, PC, laptop, or other digital devices.

Specifications of eBooks

eBooks have some specific characteristics that make them unique and secure.
The main feature of an eBook is, it is un-editable. An author makes sure to convert it into a format that nobody can edit online. It is because, millions of people read eBooks online and they might edit any area of content without writer’s permission.
Another specific feature of eBooks is, they are reflowable. It means your eBook will always fit to your screen regardless of its size. Moreover, text and images will fit automatically according to the size of the screen. However, if you publish your eBook in PDF format, it’s not reflowable.

Popular eBook Formats

There are many formats available to publish an eBook. However, most authors publish their eBooks on particular easier formats known as AZW, EPUB, and PDF.
Amazon developed AZW format for Kindle users. This format ensures to store annotations, bookmarks, and highlights. However, only kindle users can use this format with Kindle apps. Anyone can access it only from Amazon online store.
Electronic publication (EPUB) stands as broadly supported format on multiple devices such as tablets, computers, and smartphones excluding Kindles. Moreover, EPUB files offer reflowable feature as well to ensure easy book reading experience on all devices.
Technically, PDF format isn’t for an eBook, however, it is most popular among people. Similarly, PDFs are easier to use for custom layouts but aren’t reflowable. Its hard to read eBooks in PDF format on small screens. Still, people use PDF format widely for their eBooks.

Get a Cost to Self-Publish a Book

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